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Why You Should Use a Humidifier in the Winter

Warmer air is able to hold more moisture than cold air, which is why everything feels so dry when winter hits. Dry skin, asthma flare-ups, and even damage to your home are just a few of the ways you might notice dry air in the colder months. Fortunately, a humidifier can help add moisture back into the air and help you avoid these problems. Here are some of the reasons why you should use a humidifier in the winter:

  • Relieve dry and itchy skin. Many people experience dry and itchy skin in the winter, largely because the dry air makes it difficult for our skin to retain moisture. This can cause a lot of discomfort, especially in sensitive areas such as the hands or the face. A humidifier can add moisture to the air and help you avoid dry and itchy skin.
  • Prevent snoring. Individuals who suffer from allergies or upper respiratory issues often snore more in winter, which can cause major disruptions to sleep. The dry air can worsen snoring by causing irritation to the nose and throat, especially for mouth breathers. However, a humidifier can reduce this irritation while encouraging drainage, which may help you prevent snoring.
  • Reduce the risk of infection. Some studies have shown that dry air may increase your risk of infections such as a cold, the flu, or even pneumonia. The warm, dry air in your home makes a great environment for bacteria and viruses to survive. Additionally, the dry air can make it difficult for your body to produce mucus that it needs to fight off infection.
  • Prevent a sore throat. Breathing in dry air over a prolonged period of time could lead to a sore throat or an itchy nose. The dry air can strip your mouth and nose of moisture, which may cause a lot of discomfort. A humidifier can help provide relief by adding more moisture to the air.
  • Ease asthma symptoms. Dry air is harsh on the throat and airways, which can cause them to feel irritated and swollen. When paired with cold weather, dry air can prompt the production of histamine, which can trigger or worsen an asthma attack. Adding moisture into the air with a humidifier can help alleviate asthma symptoms.
  • Minimize damage to your home. Wood is sensitive to moisture, but if it becomes too dry, it may shrink and warp. This could impact hardwood floors, window frames, door jambs, and walls. Humidifying your air can prevent this kind of damage throughout your home.
  • Reduce static electricity. Water is highly conductive, even when it’s in the air. The tiny droplets can help ground static electricity and prevent you from experiencing it. So, when the air is dried out, you will likely notice more static electricity around your home.

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Why You Should Use a Humidifier in the Winter in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

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