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Air Conditioning Installation

Serving the Vancouver WA and Portland OR Metro Area

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing your old air conditioning system, the equipment you have installed will impact your comfort level all summer long. 

Fortunately, Vanport Mechanical and Fire Sprinkler is here to guide you through the air conditioning installation process. We have over 46 years of experience installing air conditioners throughout the Portland and Vancouver area. We’ll ensure you get a system that’s suited to your needs.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Staying cool and comfortable is important, especially on a hot day. So if your air conditioner has failed you in the sweltering heat, contact Vanport Mechanical. Our team of HVAC contractors will provide you with a quick and affordable air conditioning replacement. With 46 years of experience and nearly five-star reviews, you can count on us to provide you with top-notch products and services you deserve!

Air Conditioning FAQ

One cause could be airflow restriction. Are your filters clean? Is there furniture covering supply vents? Icing can also happen if the AC unit is short on refrigerant. Or if airflow is restricted by a dirty condenser coil or a dirty evaporator coil There could also be an issue with the defrost control board, causing the defrost cycle to not work. A Faulty TXV could also cause icing issues. If your system continues to ice up after a filter change, it’s best to consult a professional

If your filters are clogged this can cause a high static pressure causing the safety limits to trip and that AC cooling cycle to stop working. Loss of power to the outdoor unit, you might hear the fan running in the indoor unit, and think there is power, but the outdoor condensing unit might not be running at all. Thermostat setting, if the fan is on continuous run, it will run between cycles and the air you feel between cooling cycles may be described as “warm”. Refrigerant leaks, if your system is low on refrigerant the air will not feel cool. 

Lack of maintenance, airflow restriction, faulty electrical breakers, or fuses. Extreme weather conditions are another contributing factor.

Compressor oil and refrigerant. If you see this your system has developed a severe leak.

Compressors are noisy by nature, but if your AC is making an unusual noise this could be a sign of failure. When the defrost cycle kicks in your unit will make a loud humming or vibration noise. Rattling noises usually happen when the system is cooling down after a defrost cycle. Unusually clunking or bumping could indicate an issue with the fan motor or the fan blades being off balance.

Loss of power is one reason your AC may not turn on. Start by checking breakers in the main electrical panel to see if any breakers are tripping, if it is a breaker and it continues to trip, it could be an electrical issue or it could signify the compressor in the AC unit is failing. Fuses or breakers in the outdoor disconnect box can fail, causing loss of power to the AC. Break in control wiring from thermostat to AC could cause the AC unit not to turn on. Failed thermostat is another reason you may have no AC. If the system has tripped on high pressure due to clogged filters, or dirty coils it could need to be manually reset in the control panel at the AC unit itself.

If your AC won’t turn off, first check your fan setting at the thermostat. The AC may have finished its cycle and may actually be turned off, but if the fan is set to “on” or “Continuous” it may just be the blower fan in the furnace that is running. Faulty contractor.

The typical lifespan for an AC is 12-15 years

If you’re shopping for energy efficiency look for the highest SEER rating, the higher the SEER the more efficient the air conditioner.

AC units can be retrofitted into any home, if you have existing duct-work the process is fairly simple. If you don’t have existing ductwork a mini split might be the best option for your home.

You should have a professional check up at least once a year, typically before you need to use your AC

Regular routine maintenance.

Yes but in the Pacific Northwest, our air conditioning units are not built for extreme heat. It’s important to give your AC unit a rest. A good rule of thumb is to run your unit no more than 20 degrees cooler than it is outside if you can. When it is 100 and above, try to set your thermostat to 75 or even 80. Try to give your unit a break in the evenings.

Keep it clean and free from obstruction, make sure there is proper air flow around the outdoor unit, keep trees, and shrubs cut back away from the AC unit. Make sure your filters are clean. It is safe to run a sprinkler on your AC unit to help cool the compressor, just don’t use a pressure washer or anything with high enough pressure to bend or damage the outdoor coil fins.

Yes, in fact running your AC when there is smoke outside can help filter the air inside your home.

It is safe to run your AC when the outside air quality is poor, your AC unit will actually help to filter the air inside your home.

Whatever is most comfortable for you, we recommend not going below 68°, and find 20° cooler than the outdoor temperature to be the most energy efficient.

Set the thermostat temperature up to around 80° in case of extreme heat events. Just remember when you come back home it will take time for the house to cool back down, a drop of about 2° per hour is to be expected, even longer if there is a lot of humidity.


Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning

We recommend twice a year typically in the fall before it gets cold enough to use the furnace regularly and in the spring, before you turn your system to cooling. At the very least have a professional check up annually.

The answer varies depending on size of filter, how often you use your HVAC system, and your lifestyle. We recommend checking your filter every 30 days and replacing it when needed. 

1” Filters 30-60 days 

2” Filters 60-90 days 

4” Filters 6-12 months (more frequently for homes with high traffic/ lots of pets ect.)

We recommend having professional maintenance done at least once a year.

Temperatures super hot and can’t seem to stay cool? Here’s our tips for staying cool in a heat wave.

Signs It’s Time to Get Air Conditioning Replacement

The last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down during a scorching hot day. While these malfunctions seem to happen out of nowhere, your air conditioner will often show signs it’s reaching its last leg. These signs include

  • Not producing enough cool air
  • Unit too small for space requiring cooling
  • Constant breakdowns
  • Struggling to run
  • Excessive utility bills
  • Musty odors
  • Noisy unit

Air Conditioning Installation Services

Are you looking to upgrade your heating and cooling system? Our experienced staff will help you select the best system for your home or business, and they are well-equipped to answer any questions you may have about product information or warranty information. Let our team guide you toward a replacement unit that offers your family or employees the comfort they deserve. We are experts at designing, retrofitting, and adding to existing systems to accommodate any of your comfort needs.

Contact Vanport Mechanical to find out more about new central air conditioning installation, estimates and service. As the leading provider of heating & cooling services in the Vancouver WA area, our technicians are NATE, EPA, and HVAC Electrical Certified and available 24 hours every day.

Air Conditioning Installation in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

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