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Furnace Ignition Systems Service & Repair


Vanport Mechanical & Fire Sprinkler provides exceptional furnace ignition systems service & repair in Vancouver WA and Clark County WA.In order for your furnace to provide heat, the ignition source has to be properly functioning. If you’re experiencing problems with your furnace, our highly-skilled repair technicians at Vanport Mechanical can find the problem and have your furnace back to operational condition quickly. If you’d like to simply have your furnace checked before the cold winter months set in, we can do that too!

Why Pilot Lights Are Essential to Your Furnace

A gas furnace needs an ignition source to prompt the burners to burn the fuel and create heat. There are several different types of ignition sources, but the overall result is the same: problems with any of these ignition types will prevent your furnace from turning on. Your furnace may be operating with an ignition system like:

  • Hot surface ignition
  • Direct spark ignition
  • Intermittent pilot ignition
  • Standing pilot ignition

Why Won’t My Furnace Light?

When you have a problem with the furnace not lighting, a closer look at the ignition system is required to find the trouble. You must first assess if you have a consistent gas source. If the gas was turned off unexpectedly, or if the gas line is leaking, you might have your answer. (Note: if you smell gas in any area of the house, exit the house and call us immediately.) Your furnace might also refuse to turn on if the pilot light was snuffed out by a draft. If your furnace operates with an electronic ignition system, make sure there is electricity running to your furnace.

When Do I Need Professional Furnace Ignition Systems Service & Repair?

If you have tried the simple fixes that apply to your type of furnace and nothing helps, call in HVAC and furnace specialists like Vanport Mechanical to find the problem and fix it right. The experienced repair technician will go through the entire system to ensure it works properly.

If you are experiencing problems with your furnace igniting or maintaining a pilot light, contact us at Vanport Mechanical. We offer quality and fast repairs in the Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas.

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Furnace Ignition Systems Service & Repair in Vancouver WA

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