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Heat Exchanger Repair Services in Vancouver and Clark County WAA furnace heat exchanger is the metal part that absorbs the heat fuel creates inside the furnace’s burner. The blower motor pushes air over the heat exchanger and it warms, then blows through the ductwork. Because the part is made from metal, it is vulnerable to cracking.

How a Heat Exchanger Cracks

Metal experiences stress whenever it heats up and cools down frequently, which is referred to as metal fatigue. Over time, this leads to weaknesses that cause it to crack. A heat exchanger that’s kept clean and dust-free lasts longer because it’s doesn’t retain as much heat. Running your furnace with a clean air filter prevents dust accumulations on this important part. Routine cleanings by an HVAC professional will also prolong its lifetime.

There are several ways to know how to tell heat exchanger is cracked.

  • Carbon monoxide readings in your house may be high.
  • If it is cracked all the way through, light will shine through it
  • The part may also be covered with a black oily film from combustion gases that should have gone up the vent or chimney.

How Serious Is It?

Learning you have a cracked heat exchanger is never good news. It almost always requires a repair or a replacement of either the part or the entire furnace. Whenever a heating contractor suspects that there is a problem with a heat exchanger, he has to disable the furnace until it’s fully diagnosed. Public safety laws won’t allow anyone to run a heating system with a cracked heat exchanger. The gas company or HVAC technician will have to shut the gas line off to the furnace or boiler and red-tag it.

The heat exchanger may need to be replaced if it’s beyond welding. Worst case, the furnace will have to be completely replaced if you can’t find a part replacement or the system is out of warranty or the labor associated with the repair are too high.

If you are in need of service and repair for your furnace, contact Vanport Mechanical today! We are the heating and cooling specialists of Vancouver WA with extensive experience and knowledge to provide exceptional service.

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Heat Exchanger Repair in Vancouver WA

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