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Your air conditioner is one of those appliances you may not notice until it stops working. If your air conditioner won’t turn on, you may be able to fix it yourself. Below are some common reasons why your air conditioner won’t turn on and ways you can fix the problem.

Check to See If the Breaker Has Tripped

If your home air conditioner won’t turn on, the first thing you should check is the breaker. If the system comes on after resetting the breaker, and then trips again shortly after, this could be an electrical issue or a sign that your air conditioner’s compressor has failed. The licensed technicians at Vanport will be able to better determine the exact cause.

Does the Thermostat Have Power?

If the thermostat is not hard wired it could be as simple as replacing batteries. It’s also possible your thermostat has failed. While most HVAC equipment has a 15-20 year life span, thermostats generally only last 5-7 years.

Are the Filters Clogged?

Clogged air filters cause airflow restrictions which can cause the AC unit to operate harder than it should. Check for dirty or clogged air filters. Also, make sure all the vents in your home are opened and cleared of any furniture blockages.

Is There a Drain Clog?

Many condensate drain pans are equipped with a float switch or wet switch. If the drain clogs and water backs up into the pan, the switch will trigger the air conditioner to shut off. The float switch is there to prevent water damage. These switches are most common when your air handler and evaporator are in an attic or finished space. At Vanport Mechanical, we’ll inspect your drain pans and check the rest of your system to make sure every component is properly tuned.

AC Won’t Turn Off

It’s hot out and you’ve realized your air conditioner never stops running. This is one of the most common air conditioner problems during the summer. Below are some general reasons your AC won’t turn off. If you are experiencing any of these, contact the professional HVAC technicians of Vanport Mechanical in Vancouver WA! We can provide residential HVAC service & repair no matter the issue. 

Check Your Thermostat

Although it may sound simple, your thermostat is one of the first things that should be checked. Look at the fan settings on your thermostat. If the fan is set to “On” instead of “Auto” the fan will run continuously until you turn it off or back to auto.

You can also test your thermostat by placing a thermometer near it. If after an hour the temperatures aren’t close to one another, your thermostat likely needs replacing.

Dirty Air Conditioner Condenser

How clean is your condensing unit? If there is a lot of dirt and debris around the condenser coils this can cause your system to run more frequently in order to maintain cooling. Never use a pressure washer to clean the outdoor unit; this will only cause the fins on the outdoor coil to bend, restricting airflow even more. 

Dirt and debris in the indoor unit can cause the same symptoms as a dirty outdoor unit. A clogged filter or any airflow restriction will cause the system to run continuously.

Fan Limit Switch

Check the “Fan Limit” switch. It’s located near or on the blower. If it’s on “manual,” the fan will continue running despite the settings on the thermostat. Changing this setting to “auto” will ensure the fan only runs when it’s directed by the thermostat settings. If you’re having trouble locating the switch, you can contact Vanport Mechanical and one of our certified technicians will help.

Airflow Restricted

Your air conditioning system requires a certain amount of airflow to cool your home. If the airflow is restricted or blocked, your system will work harder and longer. Check for dirty air filters and open the air vents in every room, making sure they aren’t blocked by furniture or drapes. Also, consider hiring an HVAC professional to look for any leaky or disconnected ducts in your home. At Vanport Mechanical, we can check your home for any improperly sealed ductwork.

Undersized AC Unit

If a heat load was not performed when your AC was installed, or you have added on or installed larger windows without having your HVAC system assessed, it could be that your AC is undersized. An undersized system will run non stop as it struggles to cool your home. Most homes in the Pacific NW are designed for a cooling load of 85°. If your system is only running continuously when we reach 100° temperatures, it’s likely working just fine.  

Your HVAC system is a mechanical device and failures do happen. It’s possible a limit, or control has failed. 

Maintenance Required

Many of these issues can be taken care of with regular maintenance. At Vanport Mechanical, we recommend your air conditioning system be serviced by a professional at least once a year to make sure everything is working properly and efficiently. If you rely on the Vanport team for annual or seasonal HVAC maintenance, you’ll enjoy several exclusive benefits. Regular maintenance customers receive a discount on parts, as well as priority scheduling in the event of a breakdown.

Have Questions or Need Air Conditioner Repair?

If your air conditioner still isn’t turning off, contact the HVAC specialists of Vanport Mechanical. Our certified technicians are available for any air conditioning services or repairs you may need. We’re dedicated to keeping our Vancouver clients cool this summer!


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