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Heat Pump Sales and Installation for New Homes - Vanport Mechanical and Fire Sprinkler Inc in Vancouver WA serving Clark County Washington - Commercial and Residential HVAC Services
Heat Pump Installation
Heat Pump Service and Repair by Vanport Mechanical and Fire Sprinkler Inc in Vancouver WA serving Clark County Washington - Commercial and Residential HVAC Services
Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pumps


Heating and cooling a home can cost hundreds of dollars each month during periods of high demand. Nearly every homeowner struggles with finding ways to reduce these expenses. Installing a heat pump is one way to move towards using an appliance that is efficient by design. It has the capability of naturally decreasing your energy costs.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an appliance that utilizes the temperature variations of air, water, and ground with the interior space of your home to exchange one for the other, depending on the season, by using electricity. The most typical form of heat pump used is the air-to-air version. It is a simple design that can dramatically cut both your heating and cooling costs. Whether you’re looking to install a heat pump in a new home, or place one in your current home, we can help you to explore the benefits of a heat pump system. We can show you the best options for the design of your home, including those that need specific zoning and require higher heating/cooling demands in a large area.

What are the Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump?

Heat pump efficiency is one of the most significant advantages this type of appliance has over standard heating and cooling systems. The energy used provides a high level of results. Here are a few more heat pump advantages you will enjoy:

  • Reduction in heating/cooling costs
  • Quicker heating or cooling of your home
  • Less noise
  • Elimination of carbon monoxide risk to you and your family
  • Enjoy the same level of comfort for less money

A heat pump works best in climates that are moderate in temperature fluctuation. The climate of Vancouver WA and the surrounding area is perfect for heat pump use.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Just like a furnace or other major heating or cooling unit, heat pumps need regular maintenance. Here are some simple steps you can take at home to make sure your heat pump continues to work properly: 

  • Inspect filters once a month. Clean or replace. 
  • Inspect outdoor coils once a month. Clean if they are dirty. 
  • Keep plant life trimmed back from the outdoor unit. The heat pump should have 18 inches of plant-free clearance. 

There are some maintenance tasks that need to be completed by a professional, including:

  • Inspecting the indoor coil for dirt and debris.
  • Inspecting ducts, filters, and blowers for damage or dirt. 
  • Checking the ductwork of the heat pump for any leaks, and for adequate airflow.
  • Refilling the heat pump with the correct refrigerant charge.
  • Checking for refrigerant leaks.
  • Inspecting electric connections, and, if necessary, clean and tighten connections.
  • Lubricating motors.
  • Inspecting belts for tightness and wear.

This maintenance should be done at least once a year, but we recommend twice a year, in spring and in fall. Maintenance is a crucial part of making sure your system is operating correctly, and we can actually prevent problems through regularly scheduled inspections.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

With regular maintenance, most problems can be caught before they cause any heat pump failure. You can go many years without experiencing major problems with your heat pump. When components do break or need repair, it’s pretty obvious. Signs of a failing heat pump include:

  • Sudden loud noises
  • Low air flow
  • No air flow
  • Ice build-up on the heat pump itself

Professional Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair

Vanport Mechanical offers heat pump service and heat pump repair by NATE, EPA, and HVAC Electrical Certified technicians. We will inspect your current system to ensure it is operating in the most efficient way possible. If we find any repairs while conducting a maintenance inspection service, we can discuss your options right then and there, making sure your unit is ready for the season’s change.

Have a problem with your heat pump outside of our regularly scheduled maintenance? No problem! We are available 24/7/365 for any emergency repairs and replacement.

Contact us at Vanport anytime day or night, and our licensed journeyman HVAC technicians will provide the solutions you need for your new or existing heat pump. We service the entire Vancouver WA area.

Heat Pumps in Vancouver WA

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