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UV Lighting Air Cleaner for better indoor air quality in Vancouver Wa and Clark County from Vanport Mechanical & Fire Sprinkler Inc.
UV Lighting Air Cleaners

Immediately Improve Your Indoor Air Quality


Your overall health is often determined by the quality of the air you breathe. Regardless of how tidy you keep your house, germs, bacteria, mold, and other particulates invade from the outdoors every time the door opens. At Vanport Mechanical, we offer a solution for complete air filtration and purification through your HVAC system.

Maintain High Air Quality Standards

It is difficult to maintain a consistently high quality to the air in your home with seasonal changes that involve pollen, mold, pet dander, and other particulate matter on clothing. It can leave those that are subject to asthma and allergies feeling miserable all year long. Tackling these allergens is as easy as switching to a different HVAC system.

Begin with Indoor Air Quality Testing

We can help by beginning the process with an air quality test to determine what allergens are present in your home and ducts. Our technicians are EPA, NATE, and HVAC Electrical Certified and will recommend the best method of HVAC system air cleaning for your particular problems and sensitivity levels.

Positive Changes with an Air Quality HVAC System

You will notice it begins to improve air quality right away. You will no longer experience as many breathing troubles, stuffed nose, runny nose, and sneezing. It will help eliminate

  • Germs
  • Bacteria
  • Mold spores
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Pet dander, and more
  • Types of HVAC Air Cleaners

You can choose a system that adds HVAC air scrubbers. Every bit of air drawn into the system kills mold, bacteria, germs, and physically removes it from the air through filtration method. You can also choose an HVAC system that uses UV lighting air cleaners to kill germs, bacteria, and mold. Either system will provide the relief you have been looking for and unable to find through stand-alone air purifiers.

Contact our experts at Vanport Mechanical 24/7 to answer any of air purifying questions. We service the Vancouver WA area 24-hours a day.

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Indoor Air Quality in Vancouver WA

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