Comprehensive Fire Sprinkler Service

You can’t afford to let your fire sprinklers fall into disrepair when your home or business depends upon their protection. Let Vanport Mechanical & Fire Sprinklers, Inc. keep your fire sprinklers ready for action with regular fire sprinkler service and inspections.

When Do You Need Fire Sprinkler Inspections?

Regular fire sprinkler inspection is required annually for any business that houses a sprinkler system. Residential inspections are not a requirement but are recommended annually.  Schedule fire sprinkler system testing with our technicians to stay on top of potential issues in your home or building. With our help, it’s easy to detect small problems before they cost you dearly.

What to Expect from a Fire Sprinkler service or Inspection

Before our technicians arrive at your business, please provide us with your alarm company’s name and phone number, along with the information needed to shut down the fire alarm systems. We require all keys and combination locks used on your fire sprinkler system’s control valves to ensure the proper inspection and testing of your systems. Bells and whistles do go off during sprinkler system testing, be sure to notify all tenants and employees that the system is being tested.

We inspect to the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, standards.